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Harbor and beach in Hrvatin Bay
Harbor and beach in Hrvatin Bay
The pages of Sestrunj.info would like to introduce one of the islands of the Zadar archipelago, Sestrunj. Sestrunj is special in the sense that in 1904 its families bought out the island from its aristocratic landlords and the island has eversince been a private island owned by the descendants of these 1904 families. Emigrating many of them left the island in the second half of the 20th century, so, instead of the population of 450 in 1948 nowadays the permanent population is about thirty.

Habited and inhabited houses
Habited and inhabited houses
Sestrunj is accessible from the mainland, from Zadar by scheduled boats, Jadrolinija runs a ferry, G&V Line a catamaran going daily. These stop at the port in Kablin Bay.
As for bathing and beaches, a short section by Kablin Bay and, mainly, Hrvatin Bay are used. Hrvatin Bay also has a short gravel section.

Accommodation offers are numerous, commercial, high volume tourism hasn't reached the island. Everyday shopping needs are served by the grocery in the village center, on the square.

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